Social Intervention

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The Foundation AGIR HOJE is a non-profit association created with the aim of helping people in difficult economic circumstances. This goal will be achieved through the creation of support groups, to be held in several regions, starting with the area of Greater Lisbon and then expanding to the rest of the country.


Domusvenda, S.A. is a company dedicated to the acquisition and management of Non Performing Loans, with extensive experience in dealing with individuals under complicated economic circumstances. The partnership between AGIR HOJE and Domusvenda resulted from the recognition that indebtedness is not simply an economic and financial issue but something that affects an individual’s whole life. Factors such as divorce, sickness and unemployment tend to be recurrent under this scenario. The goal of the Foundation AGIR HOJE is to help people dealing with other issues that are often in the origin of economic difficulties.



Please contact us: agir@agirhoje.org


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