Real Estate

Domusvenda, S.A. is a specialist in the analysis, acquisition and management of real estate assets.


As a result of an acquired experience in judicial, financial and real estate areas, and benefiting from a close relationship with a selected group of leading companies in the appraisal and real estate brokerage markets, Domusvenda is able to offer its clients an integrated service ranging from consultancy to support investment decisions until the final sale of the real estate assets.


Domusvenda makes use of information contained in a database of important national dimension (more than 400,000 recent reports) built as part of due diligence and portfolio management processes that we have analyzed and were involved over the years.


In order to promote a professional and ethical sale of these assets, Domusvenda holds with the main real estate brokerage companies regular professional consultations, ensuring that the entire sales process takes place within the narrowest standards of quality required, in a targeted, specific and effective way.