Domusvenda has been growing on a basis of solidity and leadership since 1994, promoting successful relationships through an entrepreneurial vision.



Domusvenda, S.A informs that the company won the process regarding the searches carried out in 2012.
In 1994, the auctioneer Domusvenda, S.A became a precursor in the acquisition of banking loans and real estate in Portugal, a set of assets better known as Distressed Assets.


Focusing on this type of investments, the company has since developed its scope of skills in order to follow the trends, developments, and necessities of the market, particularly regarding the information technologies. In that particular area, Domusvenda created from scratch several tools that allow the company to display a unique business optimization.


The latest of those tools represents a complete innovation in the market by providing a simplified

way to constantly and continuously access over than 7,000 auctions nationwide, regularly updated, all from processes involving Distressed Assets.


Innovation and enterprise are the foundation of our success. Through innovation, we created a market. Through innovation, we keep the lead.


Please don’t hesitate to address us any questions, concerns or suggestions that the information contained on this website may rise.


Thank you very much.


The Board



Since its conception, Domusvenda, S.A. excelled in the asset acquisition and management panorama quickly becoming the largest buyer and independent server of Distressed Assets in Portugal. The company simultaneously developed its activity in Spain making it the group with the highest track record in the Iberian market.
Domusvenda presents a selection of portfolios of Distressed Assets under management - mortgage, corporate and consumer – in a total of roughly 300,000 credits corresponding to an approximate overall debt of EUR 5,4 billion.
Its unique performance allows the company to show remarkable recovery rates and an average annual return of about 38%.